A smartwatch with a great battery

Huawei Watch GT. A smartwatch with a great battery

Huawei has good high-end smartwatches. The Huawei Watch GT is aimed at a different segment. A smartwatch for those who need a good tracking of their activity without giving up some smartwatch functions. And all in a beautiful design that can be worn at any time and has incredible autonomy.

How is Huawei Watch GT?

The Huawei Watch GT is a smartwatch with a classic watch appearance with a round dial and a size on the large side. Its 46.4 x 46.5 x 10.6mm place it in the size of the largest smartwatches and a little smaller than sports watches. It is a clearly masculine watch.

Available in two versions, sport and fashion, it is made of stainless steel (front), ceramic material, and plastic (base). The finishes are black or silver, depending on the version

Battery life on the Huawei Watch GT

One of the aspects in which the Huawei watch GT stands out is its battery life. The autonomy is between two and three weeks, which is a real outrage for what is usual in current smartwatches.

To achieve this autonomy, Huawei has implemented a curious combination. The watch has two processing units, a basic one for tasks that require little work and an advanced one for when more power is required.

The charger is magnetic and you just have to leave the watch on it. It has two charging pins that must coincide with those on the base of the smartwatch, but it is quite simple and does not require any kind of juggling to fit. The charging time is about two hours.

Huawei Watch GT functions and features

This is a smartwatch with advanced activity measurement functions. It is halfway between a smartwatch and an activity bracelet. If you really want a feature-rich smartwatch, I would go for other options.

But if what you are looking for is a smartwatch that works very well in quantifying daily activity and with tremendous autonomy, the Huawei Watch GT is for you. These are the functions of the watch:

  • Measurement of daily activity. Steps, calories, and distance traveled. It is something in which you will not have problems with the Watch GT
  • Sleep measurement. It will automatically start to count the quantity and quality of your sleep as soon as you fall asleep
  • Exercise measurement. It has a large number of monitoring programs, including swimming monitoring (wolf)
  • Heart rate measurement. It is quite accurate. 4 LED system
  • Measurement of VO2max. Important for sports activity and recovery capacity


  • Geopositioning using GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo systems
  • On-screen notifications. You can see all kinds of notifications on the screen. Whatsapp, emails, reminders, etc. You can not answer
  • Calls On the screen you will see who is calling you and you can hang up, but you cannot answer
  • Installed apps. Among them, you will find a weather app, a Chrono, alarms …
  • Find the phone. If you do not know where you have put your mobile, you can make it ring with the smartwatch to find it

What we miss as a smartwatch in the Huawei Watch GT

Honestly, like a smartwatch, it is not the best on the market. As we have already said, if you want a smartwatch with many functions there are many more interesting options. This is what you will not find in the Huawei Watch GT:

  • It uses Huawei’s own operating system, Lite OS. Obviously, it is very light to consume as little energy as possible. But it is a problem that Wear OS does not bring
  • Can’t install apps. You will have to use the ones that are installed. They are fine, but forget to add features. If you like tinkering with your smartwatch, find another one with Wear Os
  • Bring only 11 faces. You also can’t install new faces on the watch
  • Unable to respond to notifications. Nothing, it is not possible. You can see them but you will have to use your mobile to answer


  • It only interacts with Huawei Health
  • Can’t listen to music
  • It has neither speaker nor microphone
  • It only connects to the mobile via Bluetooth 4.2. It does not have Wi-Fi, nor does it have NFC to make payments with the watch

Water resistance of the Huawei Watch GT

The Huawei watch has 50-meter water protection, so you can use it while swimming. In fact, you can measure swimming accurately.

Keep in mind that the Fashion version with its leather strap would have problems, so either uses the Sport version or simply change the strap for one suitable for water use.

The operation in the water is fine, but it is not one of the great and accurate watches for swimming. Therefore, if you want a watch for swimming, you should opt for another type of sports watch.


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