Factors to Consider When Buying a Watch

Factors to Consider When Buying a Watch

The process of decision making when buying a watch includes several factors that you should keep in mind. Regardless of the type of watch you are looking for, you must always take for consideration of these following factors for you to find the right one for your needs:

Case Style

Varying in material, size, and shape, a watch case consists of the back, bezel, and middle parts of the watch. From oversized to small, from square to round, and from platinum to ceramic, the choices are countless. The specialists at Benyar recommend you to try on as many watches if possible to determine the style that feels and looks best on your wrist.


Each brand of the watch has a distinct feel and look with a theme and personality of its own. The brand is more than just a name. Basically, it is an experience, which evokes different emotions as well as communicate one’s personal taste, status, and lifestyle. You must first ask yourself what you’re searching for in watches. For practical purposes, you must consider the brands that are known for their reasonably-priced and quality watches like Benyar.

If you are looking for a watch that you want to pass down for many generations to come, you would want something timeless and classic. A brand that is known for craftsmanship and exquisite design is Benyar.


Movements are what make watches go. When you are deciding which movement is best for you, other factors that you should take for consideration include the costs of maintenance and precision level involved. There are 2 kinds you can select from and these include quartz and mechanical. Automatic and manual movements both fall under the category of mechanical movements that are made up of mechanical parts including springs and gears. Many connoisseurs and collectors prefer automatic or manual watches as such movements represent accumulation of years of craftsmanship, expertise, and refinement.

Typically, quartz is the most accurate movement type. These watches are low in maintenance cost and use battery as power source. They need periodic battery changes and usually need full servicing every ten to twelve years.


Watches, in their purest form, tell the wearer the current time. But, did you know that watches have a complication? The complications tend to err toward practical including dual time zone and chronograph, even if some are romantic in nature like a moon phase or tourbillion. Generally, the date display is considered as the simplest complication. The more you would want to know about the calendar, the more complicated that your watches get. If you are seasoned travelers or somebody searching for intricate features daily, date and travel complications are among the most elegant and useful solutions the industry of watches has made.

Why Choose Benyar Watches?

It does not matter what kind of watches you are searching for in the market. Regardless of your needs or preferences, you will always find something that would suit your personality and taste when it comes to watches once you choose Benyar watches.

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