Guide to buying a watch

Guide to buying a watch

When we decide to buy a watch we go through several stages in which we will opt for one watch brand or another depending on several factors such as the price of the watch, what the watch brand transmits to us, the previous experiences that we have been able to have with a certain brand and the comments and suggestions that come to us from friends, acquaintances and the online world.

What we do have to be clear at first when buying a watch is the margin in which we are going to move. And I say at first because it may be the case of thinking that with a certain amount we can access watches that we want and when we go to the store or check the prices in an online store we realize that the amount that we had originally thought and It seemed to us as adequate it now becomes insufficient to access the products we expect.

If you have not yet decided the price to buy the watch, it is a good time to think about what type of watch you are going to want. Swiss watches? Luxury watches? Or perhaps exclusive watches. And how about a gold watch. Although you may prefer an automatic, wind-up, or battery-powered watch.

Please choose the type of watch before you buy it

As you probably already know, there are different types of watches: automaticwind-up, and digital with a battery.

Guide to buying a watch

Guide to buying a watch

Automatic watches do not need a battery as they take energy to move the needles of your body’s movement. For a manual winding watch to work, it is necessary to turn the crown to charge it. I think that the battery-operated clock does not need to be explained. The batteries provide power to the watch. What you should know is the difference between them because depending on the use you are going to give, you should buy one watch or another.

Automatic, battery-operated, or wind-up watches

Automatic watches: they work from the movement that we provide them when we wear them. If you are interested in delving into what automatic watches are and how they work, but if you don’t feel like it, you will ask me, what happens when we leave it on the bedside table or in the drawer? Well, simply that the clock stops. When you don’t use an automatic watch, it loses the energy that powers it and makes it work. And the time that goes from when you stop using it until it stops completely is called a power reserve.

Since they do not have a battery, it is an essential requirement to use it to keep it running. Depending on the model you choose, it will continue to work from 24 hours to 48 hours. So if you take it off to sleep you will have no problems checking the time in the morning, but if you leave it there and look at it after several days.

The most likely thing is that it has stopped because it has exceeded the power reserve time, so when you go to buy a watch, take a good look at this point and choose the one with the highest power reserve.

Wind-up watches: they are usually old. Before there were models that only worked when we wound them but because it was a hassle to forget to turn the crown several times with the consequent stop of time measurement, the automatic ones that also have this functionality arrived. Namely. You can wind an automatic watch when you are not using it so that it continues to tell you the time. When you wear it you forget to turn the crown (screw) to charge it.

Clock battery, quartz, or digital: they last in operation a lot. There are battery-powered watches that have gone bad before the battery has been used up. Even so, it is sure that it will last several years in operation.

After reading these three points you should already be clear about what type of watch to buy. If you are not going to give it daily use and you do not want to worry about it stopping, decide to buy a quartz or battery watch. If, on the other hand, you wear it almost every day, you are fond of this sector or you want to get into it, and you will always be fingering it, then choose an automatic watch.

Swiss or other country watches

I will tell you that Swiss watches are currently the greatest exponent in terms of quality, performance, and popularity. There are many good brands in other countries but in Switzerland, we could say that there are the important ones in all market segments. There are inexpensive watch brands and firms that make unique and extraordinarily expensive watches.

My recommendation at this point is that you do not focus so much on the country of the watch and that you pay attention to the components, the features, and of course the design. Let’s see if, therefore, looking we forget the fundamentals. That the clock is beautiful and its design is what we like the most.

Having a Swiss watch is cool, so are we going to fool ourselves. It sounds in itself like it has to be good by force, but what you should look at is more in the components that the watch carries and the benefits. And because. Well, for the simple reason that there are watch brands that have their headquarters in Switzerland but import the components to assemble them in that country or even that does not go directly there to be tested. They simply have the name of Swiss watches because the headquarters of the company that makes them is in that country.

As an example, you can look at Casio, a Japanese watch brand, Seiko also from Japan, and Cartier, which is a French firm. OK OK. You’ll tell me. But I’m looking for something better than a Casio. Well. Casio is not that it is the most fashionable and that it also distributes exclusive watches but if we talk about the durability in its products, I, at least, see it differently. But look at Cartier with gold watches over € 30,000 and it is not a Swiss brand.

Exclusive and luxury watches

This point is marked yes or yes by your economy. If you have economic ease you can go shopping for a luxury watch and if you have more than enough cash you can buy an exclusive watch, but if you don’t want to spend a fortune you can be really happy with mid-range watches and even time your races jogging with the Casio of a lifetime. I’ve still had one for … I don’t even remember the years.

Choosing to buy a luxury watch is like almost everything. There are super functional and durable cheap watches that also have a design that you love and there are other very expensive ones that horrify you. What is clear is that from a certain price for a watch you start paying for expensive materials, exclusivity, and brand distinction. By this I do not mean that cheap materials are not good, but simply that there are materials such as gold or diamonds that are much more expensive than stainless steel. And I don’t mean to say that only the name of the watch brand is paid. If we spend, for example, 5,000 euros to buy a watch, we can have a Rolex that is already a luxury watch and accessible to a small group of people. Instead,

Yes indeed. If a 200 euro watch breaks down after 5 years nothing will happen. If instead, it is a watch that cost us 5,000 euros, we will think that it was not such a good watch and from that moment on we will think of the brand differently.

If you have come this far now you are at the point of being able to see watch prices. Take a look at online watch stores so you can see if the price you think is really right for the watches you want to buy.


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